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INREV is the go-to-resource for the non-listed real estate investment community, covering a unique range of services, products and tools.

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Find out how to use our tools, services and products to stay up to date on the market trends, make more informed decisions and position yourself in the industry.

Depending on your specific needs and those of your company,  we will walk you through: 

  •  Our suite of indices and analysis tools – allowing members to slice and dice data to create tailored indices and get peer-to-peer and market comparisons 
  • Professional standards – learn industry best practices and assess your vehicle's compliance with the INREV Guidelines and that of your peers a
  • Tax and regulations guides and briefings for first-hand insights on tax and regulatory  initiatives impacting the industry
  • Our training and events programme which provides best-in-class content on and offline for all levels of professionals to grow throughout their careers


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